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Friday, 20 February 2009 21:05


The Canning Softball Association policy on health related matters has been developed to ensure compliance to changing community attitudes, the promotion of a healthy environment and image. This policy encourages a smoke free environment, controlled consumption of alcohol, elimination of banned drugs, sun protection and the implementation of safe playing conditions.


This policy applies to all players, coaches, officials, guests and spectators while involved in softball activities provided and sanctioned by the Canning Softball Association whether it be playing, watching or performing official duties.



To achieve positive social and health outcomes the association has introduced the following:

  • Continual promotion of a Quit Smoking policy.
  • All indoor areas utilized by the association members and guests are deemed to be smoke free, this includes the change rooms, toilet facilities, kiosk area. The undercover area is also deemed to be a smoke free area.
  • The sale of cigarettes and tobacco products are not to be sold by the association or members of the association during softball related activities through the kiosk, bar facilities or on the area designated by the City of Canning to be the Centenary Oval.
  • No player or official is allowed to smoke on a diamond while a game is in progress.


To ensure alcohol is provided in a controlled responsible manner the association will ensure compliance to the following:

  • Alcohol is not to be provided by the association to members free of charge
  • Quantities provided to each member of guest of the association are to be monitored and controlled by members of the association's committee.The committee members reserve the right to refuse serve to any members or invited guest.
  • Members are to consume alcohol within the designated area. 
  • Provide a selection of light beers.
  • All alcohol sold must be consumed on site on the day of the purchase and must not be taken from the playing oval to be consumed at a later time.
  • Ensure By-laws contain alcohol control policies.
  • Alcohol will only be provided to those players, officials or guests who are considered by law to be above the legal age limit.
  • Players not of the legal age will not be permitted to serve in the in the bar facilities. 
  • Alcohol will not be permitted on any diamond areas and officials will not be allowed to perform duties if under the influence of alcohol.

Sun Protection

To ensure sun protection practices are in place the association will:

  • Promote sun protection.
  • Ensure By-laws contain sun protection policies.
  • Ensure that caps or helmets must be worn by all players will taking in playing softball of performing official duties.
  • Tents will be provided to all playing teams and teams will be encouraged to erect the tent each playing day for their particular team and scorer.
  • Sun block will be provided in the bar facilities for use by all players.
  • The association will encourage players to ware long pants and long sleeve shirts.
  • End of playing day functions and announcements will be performed under a covered area.


To ensure appropriate risk management procedures are in place the association:

  • Bans the use of illicit and performance enhancing drugs.
  • Players or officials known to have taken such substances and be under the influence of those drugs will playing or performing official duties will be banned from playing in the association for a period to be determined by the associations committee.
  • Pain tablets will not be provided by the association.

Safe Playing

The Association will promote safe playing by:

  • Encouraging players warm up and warn down sessions at each game. Game start and finish times will be scheduled to allow for the sessions to be performed. 
  • Ensuring all batters and base runners wear a suitably approved helmet while playing. 
  • Ensuring the by-laws include rules where undue rough play or un-sportsman like behavior by players.
  • Developing a Code of Conduct and ensure compliance to that code.
  • Providing player injury insurance cover for each player at the start of each season.
  • Diamonds will be marked each playing week with one diamond moved each playing week.
  • The associations Property Officer will inspect all the associations equipment before the start of the season to ensure that equipment is of a safe standard. Any unsafe equipment will be disposed off. Umpires will ensure that unsafe equipment is reported to the associations committee by the end of that playing day.
  • All base umpires must wear approved helmets and chin guards while performing umpiring duties.
  • A first aid kit will be held within the bar facilities and will be maintained on a regular basis by the associations Property Officer.
  • Having ambulance access to the playing area each playing day.
  • Umpiring clinics will be held and coaches are encouraged to obtain qualifications. 
  • Games will not start or continue if members of the committee deem that weather conditions make playing unsafe.


  • Occupational Safety and Health Regulations 1996
  • Tobacco Control Act 1990
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